We can help you build brand recognition and reader loyalty by creating unique and beautiful digital newsletters just for you. We’ll also manage your subscriber list and help you create content for your newsletters.

Why should you have an author newsletter?
  • It will provide a more intimate, personal communication than can be achieved by a blog post or social media message. 
  • It can target specific, named individuals on your mailing list and ensure the message is delivered into their email inbox. 
  • It will remain in their inbox until your target reader takes action (unlike social media messages, which are quickly scrolled down your screen by subsequent updates in social media feeds) 
  • offer an alternative means of communication that might better suit those who don’t feel comfortable with social media messaging 
  • It's a flexible communication with your readers. You can do weekly or monthly newsletters. 

How do we create and manage the required mailing list?
  • We use Mailchimp, unless otherwise specified by the author.
  • Or we can use your own list within your email account. 

How do I get people to sign up for it?
  • Place a Newsletter sign-up form in prominent position on your author website, at the back of your eBooks (add the URL in print books), in the footer of your emails, and anywhere else you can think of. We can either provide you with the embed code for the form, or we can place it for you on your website. We can also provide technical assistance in placing the links in your eBooks.
  • Offer desirable content available exclusively to subscribers only e.g. let them be the first to know of new releases, set up subscriber competitions or prize draws for signed copies or other relevant prizes.
  • Offer an incentive e.g. a free short story, first chapter or how-to guide for all new applicants.
  • Offer the option to sign up to receive your newsletter during Book Tours, Giveaway Hops or Facebook Parties.

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