Angel of Ashes and Dust by D.H. Nevins [REVEAL]

Angel of Ashes and Dust by D.H. Nevins [REVEAL]


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[Wormwood Trilogy - Book 3]

The end of her people and the death of a planet are looming over her. Kali Michaels must choose between the illusion of safety and the danger of her own power in this anticipated and heart-stopping finale to The Wormwood Trilogy.

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Published: October 18, 2022
Published by: Black Wraith Books
Dystopian | Fantasy | Young Adult

Kali learned the hard way that her abilities cannot be trusted if they can be used against her. In an effort to protect those she cares about, she is determined to let the power of her Shadow lie dormant, despite the dangers rising up around her.

Now, tormented by an unstoppable enemy, she and Tiamat Wormwood must try to lead others while doing the impossible—ensuring the survival of humans and half-angels alike.

But how can she partner with Tiamat, when her proximity could kill him?

And how can the Nephilim, Tiamat, be trusted to save a planet, if he is the one who shattered it in the first place?

Little do they know that sometimes, for new beginnings, that which they love must first be destroyed.

 About D.H. Nevins 

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    D.H. Nevins was born in Toronto and currently lives in a quiet area of Ontario, surrounded by forests and lakes. By day, she is a personable, friendly school teacher. By night, she silently chuckles as she writes about destroying the world. When she isn't writing, she enjoys world travel, hiking, camping, flying around on her motorcycle or dabbling in live theatre.

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